What you get with Hybrid Intelligence

The Hybrid Intelligence framework is delivered and accessible as an easy-to-use developer library that includes all the tools needed to develop and deploy fully-fledged Neuro-symbolic AI applications. From data onboarding through to model monitoring, maintenance and MLOps, Hybrid Intelligence is easy to use and easy to integrate.

Why Hybrid Intelligence?

From predictive performance to full explainability and making better decisions, Hybrid Intelligence has many advantages over traditional AI. The benefits of this new approach to AI are wide-ranging and bring impactful improvements to all commercial and technical aspects of any AI application.

What is Hybrid Intelligence?

Hybrid Intelligence is a new and better approach to AI. Based on UMNAI’s Explainable Neural Nets, Hybrid Intelligence provides a framework with which to develop and deploy fully-fledged Neuro-symbolic AI systems that build fit-for-purpose decisions from fit-to-data predictions. The framework delivers a novel model creation & training process, model optimisation...


Made better with hybrid human-AI insight leverage, tailored segment specific rules, and effective bias identification and mitigation.

Personalized Marketing

Made better with cross functional customer modelling, real-time explanations, and counterfactual tooling for improved marketing strategies.

Fraud Detection

Made better with lower false positives, risk based workflows, transparency and better predictive performance.

Premium Pricing

Made better with actionable explanations of pricing recommendations, superior data efficiency, counterfactual analysis and auditability.

Risk Assessment

Made better with lower false positives, superior data efficiency, auditability, and real-time, risk-based workflows.