This is exciting

We feel so fortunate to be working on a technology that we know will change the world. Disrupting an industry like AI from the bottom of the tech stack is hard, and fun, and scary, exciting, and rewarding.

We’re building technology that sits beyond the frontier of what’s possible with today’s AI and working on breakthrough technology is a crazy privilege we know we are lucky to have.

As we grow this audacious, collaborative, creative and curious team we are always looking for incredible new teammates.

We would love to hear from you if you are driven to build what hasn’t been built, to define new markets and to wow our customers and partners and to empower them to change the world.

How we feel about benefits

As a young company, we are constantly learning how to support everyone in our team both at and outside work. We know how important well-being is for each of us to grow and be everything we can be and we always strive to do better in supporting and empowering everyone on our team.

Like so many, we have learned to be remote and hybrid and we love how remote work has given everyone on our team choices. We are happy that our investment in remote work capabilities and culture enables us to work with amazing people wherever they are.

Formal benefits vary from place to place, and we always look for new ways to support everyone on our team in ways that are meaningful to them.

An Introduction to Hybrid Intelligence


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