Campaign Management


Digital marketing campaign management in online gaming is a multifaceted task. It demands human expertise and intervention to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in reduced efficiency when handling larger and/or multiple campaigns. Hybrid Intelligence allows you to automate campaign management safely and achieve exceptional performance at scale.


Unlike other forms of AI, Hybrid Intelligence gives you actionable real-time explanations together with each prediction, giving you deep insights and allowing you to tailor your actions to improve outcomes. Data Driven applications built on Hybrid Intelligence give online gaming operators an unfair competitive advantage. As a cutting-edge approach to AI,  Hybrid Intelligence powers applications that deliver best in class results while being way less complex and difficult to implement than traditional AI.


  • Optimize Campaigns in Real-Time: Leverage Hybrid Intelligence’s predictions and explanations to fine-tune your campaigns on the fly. Adjust ad spend, targeting parameters, and content dynamically, ensuring every campaign remains sharp and cost-effective.
  • Fine-tune Your Campaign Strategy: Hybrid Intelligence clarifies why certain campaigns perform better, helping you craft personalized campaigns that resonate with specific, targeted player segments.
  • Quality AND Quantity: Focus on acquiring quality customers who are more likely to become valuable, long-term players. Hybrid Intelligence explains which campaigns are likely to attract these prized individuals and why.
  • Holistic Customer View: Hybrid Intelligence delves deep into customer profiles, offering insights into lifetime value, preferences, and potential for retention. The ‘why’ behind these evaluations is made crystal clear.
  • Predictive Analysis: Predict future campaign performance by analysing current trends. Hybrid Intelligence explains potential shifts in player behaviour and market conditions, aiding in long-term strategy planning.
  • Multi-Channel Evaluation: Understand the interplay of different marketing channels. Hybrid Intelligence explains how these channels influence each other and impact your overall customer acquisition cost.
  • Informed Budget Allocation: Make informed budget allocation decisions across campaigns based on expected ROI. Hybrid Intelligence explains the rationale behind these recommendations, ensuring resources are invested where they’ll yield the best returns.
  • Gain Deeper Insights: Understand player segments and campaign performance metrics with greater clarity empowering you refine and innovate your strategy more effectively.
  • Detect and Prevent Ad Fraud: Hybrid Intelligence acts as a vigilant guardian against ad fraud patterns. It not only identifies suspicious activities but also provides comprehensive explanations. Safeguard your ad budget and ensure your campaigns reach real players with confidence.
  • Uphold Compliance and Reputation: Utilize Hybrid Intelligence to proactively flag potential issues such as misleading content or aggressive targeting. Safeguard your brand’s reputation and provide tangible evidence of compliance with regulatory and ethical standards, all through accessible audit logs.

Hybrid Intelligence introduces nuance to automated campaign management, ensuring that marketers achieve outstanding results in customer acquisition at scale.

Hybrid Intelligence is the best solution for improving performance at scale.

With Hybrid Intelligence, you’ll harness the power of precision in player engagement. Say goodbye to the complexities of campaign management and embrace a future where your campaigns are efficient, effective, and ethical.

Elevate your strategies, detect ad fraud, and stay ahead of the curve with predictive analysis. In a landscape where precision and efficiency are paramount, Hybrid Intelligence is the best solution for improving performance at scale.

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