Fraud Screening

Made better with enhanced predictive accuracy, efficient risk-based workflows, improved data efficiency, and robust auditability.


Experience the transformation in Fraud Screening with Hybrid Intelligence:

  • Enhanced Predictive Performance: Lower false positives through better real-time insights and explanations.
  • Risk-Based Workflows: Create alternative workflows to assess and re-route suspected transactions.
  • Superior Data Efficiency: Boost predictive performance on underrepresented segments.
  • Improved Model Generalization: Facilitate predictive knowledge transfer as market and inputs evolve.
  • Compliance Evidencing: Detailed audit records for demonstrating regulatory compliance.
  • Improved Risk Management: Enhanced risk management and governance for secure and reliable operations.

Hybrid Intelligence offers incredible opportunities to enhance performance and cut costs of fraud screening through superior predictive performance, minimizes false positives while providing enhanced real-time insights and explanations for each transaction.

Hybrid Intelligence’s real-time explanations open new avenues and efficiencies for risk-based alternative workflows. These alternative workflows, informed by the system’s explanations, provide the opportunity to assess and re-route suspected transactions to endpoints that are better equipped to handle potential fraud cases.

The system’s superior data efficiency significantly boosts predictive performance, even on underrepresented segments in the data. This efficiency ensures accurate and comprehensive fraud detection across all transaction types, enhancing the overall security of your system.

One of the key strengths of Hybrid Intelligence is its superior model generalization capabilities. As market dynamics and input variables evolve, the system facilitates seamless predictive knowledge transfer, ensuring your fraud detection mechanisms remain effective and up-to-date.

Coupled with robust risk management and governance features, Hybrid Intelligence offers unparalleled auditability. Every prediction and decision made by the system is fully auditable, providing detailed audit records that can evidence compliance.

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