Security and Behaviour Assurances

Made better with real-time activation data monitoring, proactive system and environment behaviour anomaly detection, and secure fall-back mechanisms.


Hybrid Intelligence in security and behaviour assurance offers:

  • Anticipation and Detection: Rapid identification of model behaviour changes, enabling swift response to potential threats.
  • Activation Data Monitoring: Proactive risk management through real-time analysis of system behaviour.
  • Fail-Safes and Fallbacks: Ensuring system resilience and reliability in the face of unexpected events.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: Boosting customer confidence and satisfaction by providing a secure and trustworthy service.

Hybrid Intelligence is revolutionizing security and behaviour assurances in the financial services industry. By leveraging activation data and advanced AI techniques, it offers enhanced detection capabilities and robust safeguards against potential threats or anomalies.

In systems built using the Hybrid Intelligence framework, operators can anticipate and instantly detect granular model behaviour changes. This function is crucial in identifying data or functional drift, environmental anomalies, larger system variations, and potential intrusions or security breaches. Such early detection allows for swift response and mitigation, significantly reducing the potential impact of any undesirable event.

Furthermore, the real-time monitoring of activation data enabled by Hybrid Intelligence provides an in-depth understanding of system behaviour, thus enabling the identification of trends or deviations that may indicate potential risks or threats. This proactive approach to risk management significantly enhances the security posture of financial institutions.

In addition to these detection capabilities, Hybrid Intelligence also provides robust fail-safes and fallback mechanisms. These safeguards ensure that systems remain operational and secure, even in the face of unexpected events or anomalies. This resilience enhances the reliability and trustworthiness of financial services, thereby increasing customer confidence and satisfaction.

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