Predictive Analytics

Made better with superior predictive performance, real-time explanations, comprehensive auditability and enhanced compliance.


Hybrid Intelligence brings transformative benefits to predictive analytics in insurance:

  • Superior Predictive Performance: Enhanced accuracy in forecasting risk profiles, detecting fraud, and more.
  • Real-time Explanations: Transparency in predictions fosters trust and aids strategic decision-making.
  • Data Efficiency: Reliable predictions even for underrepresented classes.
  • Auditing Capabilities: Ensuring regulatory compliance with comprehensive decision records.

Predictive analytics is crucial in modern insurance, serving as the bedrock for risk management, fraud detection, customer segmentation, and many other critical functions. Applications built on the Hybrid Intelligence framework take predictive analytics to a new level, combining the power of machine learning with the invaluable insights of human domain expertise.

Systems enabled by Hybrid Intelligence offer superior predictive performance, capturing nuanced patterns in data that traditional systems might miss. By incorporating both data-driven knowledge and human domain expertise, these systems can more accurately predict risk profiles, detect fraudulent activities, identify high-value customers, and anticipate market trends.

One of the unique features of Hybrid Intelligence is its ability to provide real-time explanations for its predictions. This transparency allows stakeholders to understand the reasoning behind the model’s output, fostering trust in the system’s predictions and providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Hybrid Intelligence systems also excel in leveraging data efficiency, particularly for underrepresented classes in training data. This attribute ensures that the predictions remain reliable and robust, even when dealing with rare events or segments with limited data.

Lastly, the robust auditing capabilities of Hybrid Intelligence facilitate regulatory compliance, providing comprehensive records that evidence the decision-making process.

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