Premium Pricing

Made better with actionable explanations of pricing recommendations, superior data efficiency, counterfactual analysis and auditability.


Hybrid Intelligence in premium pricing offers:

  • More accurate explanation of risk: Ensuring fair and accurate premium pricing.
  • Superior Data Efficiency: Supporting nuanced decisions in under-represented segments.
  • Counterfactual Analysis: Enabling a deeper understanding of pricing factors.
  • Enhanced Auditability: Promoting transparency and compliance in premium pricing.

Premium pricing is a critical component of the insurance business, and systems enabled by Hybrid Intelligence are making a significant impact in this area. More sophisticated applications built on the Hybrid intelligence framework offer improved predictive performance, detailed real-time insights, and valuable explanations, dramatically enhancing the precision and fairness of premium pricing.

A major advantage of applications built on the Hybrid Intelligence framework is their ability to provide a more accurate understanding of risk so insurers can ensure fair premium pricing, avoiding overcharging or undercharging policyholders. This is achieved through superior predictive performance, augmented by real-time insights and explanations that clarify the reasoning behind each pricing decision.

Moreover, Hybrid Intelligence systems are exceptionally data-efficient, providing meaningful insights even when dealing with under-represented segments in the data. This ability supports more nuanced pricing decisions, particularly in segments that are traditionally challenging due to a lack of historical data.

The counterfactual feature in Hybrid Intelligence applications also plays a crucial role in premium pricing. By exploring alternative scenarios, insurers can better understand the factors influencing pricing decisions, leading to more equitable outcomes.

Finally, the auditable nature of Hybrid Intelligence enhances governance and compliance. Every decision can be traced back to its origin, providing clear evidence of compliance and supporting transparency.

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