Risk Assessment

Made better with lower false positives, superior data efficiency, auditability, and real-time, risk-based workflows.


Hybrid Intelligence in risk assessment offers:

  • Lower False Positives: Enhanced predictive performance reduces overestimation of risk.
  • Superior Data Efficiency: More informed decisions, even with limited data.
  • Enhanced Auditability: Full traceability improves transparency and accountability.
  • Real-Time Risk-Based Workflows: Optimal handling of high-risk cases through risk-appropriate workflows.

Risk assessment is a crucial part of the insurance industry, and systems enabled by Hybrid Intelligence are fundamentally transforming this space. These advanced AI systems provide enhanced predictive performance, detailed insights, and real-time explanations, significantly improving the accuracy and reliability of risk assessments.

One of the key benefits of applications built on the Hybrid Intelligence framework is the reduced rate of false positives. This improvement is achieved through superior predictive performance, which is further complemented by real-time insights and explanations. These features enable insurance providers to make more accurate decisions about the level of risk associated with each policyholder, thereby reducing overestimation and facilitating more efficient resource allocation.

In addition, Hybrid Intelligence systems offer superior data efficiency, particularly beneficial for under-represented segments in the data. This capability allows insurers to make more informed decisions, even in cases where the available data is limited or sparse.

An added benefit is the enhanced auditability of Hybrid Intelligence applications, providing full traceability of the decision-making process. This feature greatly enhances risk management and governance within insurance companies, fostering greater transparency and accountability.

Moreover, Hybrid Intelligence enables insurers to effectively implement real-time, risk-based workflows. These workflows can assess, and if necessary, re-route high-risk cases to processes with higher human oversight and intervention, ensuring optimal handling of each case. 

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