Made better with hybrid human-AI insight leverage, tailored segment specific rules, and effective bias identification and mitigation.


Hybrid Intelligence brings significant value to underwriting in insurance with:

  • Enhanced Risk Assessment: Combining data-driven insights and domain expertise for better pricing.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Empowering underwriters with real-time explanations.
  • Segment-Specific Rules: Tailoring offerings for niche customer segments.
  • Bias Mitigation: Ensuring fair and unbiased underwriting decisions.

Underwriting lies at the heart of insurance, determining the risk and premium associated with each policy. Applications built on the Hybrid Intelligence framework are transforming underwriting by enhancing risk assessment, improving decision-making, and reducing human bias.

Systems enabled by Hybrid Intelligence provide highly accurate predictions by leveraging data-driven insights and domain expertise. This fusion results in a more precise risk assessment, leading to better pricing and reduced exposure for insurers.

The real-time explanations offered by Hybrid Intelligence systems empower underwriters to make informed decisions. By understanding the rationale behind each prediction, underwriters can validate and fine-tune the model’s output, ensuring that the final decision aligns with the organization’s risk appetite and underwriting guidelines.

Additionally, Hybrid Intelligence enables the development of segment-specific underwriting rules. This granularity allows insurers to tailor their offerings to niche customer segments, driving competitive advantage and enhancing customer satisfaction.

One of the critical challenges in underwriting is the presence of human bias. Hybrid Intelligence addresses this issue by providing an Identify, Assess, and Resolve (IAR) workflow. This process helps underwriters empirically identify and measure bias in each prediction, allowing them to remove it in real-time.

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