Keynote: Trustworthy AI and the Dawn of Hybrid Intelligence

UMNAI’s Angelo Dalli gives keynote speech entitled “AI Reimagined: Trustworthy AI and the Dawn of Hybrid Intelligence” at SIGMA 2023.

UMNAI’s Angelo Dalli gave a keynote speech in a special session targeting “AI & Emerging Technologies” on the AIBC Stage at SIGMA 2023. With over 800 exhibitors and 25,000 delegates, SIGMA is Malta’s largest technology conference.

In his talk, “AI Reimagined: Trustworthy AI and the Dawn of Hybrid Intelligence”, Angelo explored the next transformative step in AI: the fusion of AI with human expertise. It is this fusion, that is at the heart of UMNAI’s Hybrid Intelligence technology that is transforming the way we make AI-based decisions into an ethical, transparent, and performant approach.

“Hybrid Intelligence doesn’t just turn a page on AI it opens a bold new volume.

Throughout his talk, Angelo highlighted the many shortcomings of current approaches and tools for AI, including amongst these: inefficiency, unpredictability, and a lack of explainability and actionability. He explained how UMNAI’s Neuro-symbolic AI overcomes these shortcomings by blending the predictive power of neural nets with the reasoning provided by symbolic logic (the approach humans use to reason). Neuro-symbolic AI gives you decisions informed by data and orchestrated by humans, through a system that is reliable, explainable, actionable and performant.

UMNAI’s Neuro-symbolic AI and Hybrid Intelligence Framework are particularly suited to the application of AI in regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, social services and other highly regulated industries.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about Hybrid Intelligence or if you have an application that could benefit from UMNAI’s Neuro-Symbolic AI.