Winning With Data Driven Differentiation At Scale

In the fiercely competitive world of online gaming, innovating to prosper is an imperative.

AI is fast becoming the cornerstone of this innovation empowering operators to optimise and differentiate at scales and speeds unthinkable just a few years ago.

The ability to leverage and exploit actionable insights from data at scale, more effectively and efficiently than the competition, is emerging as a dominant factor in determining success.

So why is AI adoption in online gaming slower than it should be? Because AI is hard to do.

This is where Hybrid Intelligence is the game changer. As a cutting-edge approach to AI,  Hybrid Intelligence powers applications that deliver best in class results while being way less complex and difficult to implement than traditional AI.

Data Driven applications built on Hybrid Intelligence give online gaming operators an unfair competitive advantage.  


AI is an under the hood engine.

Hybrid Intelligence is a better engine.

Here’s why...


This means you can extract every last drop of performance and optimisation out of your applications, because you can override the decisions that are not perfect.


Unlike current AI, Hybrid Intelligence works through standard programming interfaces and concepts. This means it will fit into the ways you build and manage technology today. 


Speed to insights means that you get the knowledge in the data faster so you can adjust, adapt and improve faster.


Old School AI is brittle and sensitive to lack of and changes in data. Hybrid Intelligence is robust and fast to adapt giving you more from less data.


The unique auditability and traceability of Hybrid Intelligence means you always have the data you need to prove your compliance and governance.


Using Hybrid Intelligence at the foundation, your sovereignty over your data is never compromised and you are always in total control.


An Introduction to Hybrid Intelligence



Put the best game/offer in front of each customer, every time. Deep insight from dynamic data empowers you to drive maximal outcomes through adaptive UI/UX. Get recommendations on the best UI/UX elements for each individual player based on the current context. Build out adaptive strategies based on deep data insights.

The Hybrid Intelligence Edge

  • Human in the loop automation.
  • Understand the Why behind each recommended action.
  • Powerful what-if Scenario analysis.


Automated monetisation and retention interventions are often crude, intrusive, and counter-productive. Lifecycle optimisation tools built on Hybrid Intelligence let you automate and understand, providing both operational scalability and control. The unique actionable insights Hybrid Intelligence enables empower human touch points to respond with empathy and nuance.

The Hybrid Intelligence Edge

  • Anticipate player behaviour and adapt gameplay and support components to enhance retention and LTV.
  • Understand the propensity to churn and why, in advance, and implement targeted retention strategies, such as personalized offers, content recommendations, and social engagement features.


Campaign management at scale is complex and nuanced. The cost of customer acquisition is probably the most widely observed metric determining success. Yet quality of customer acquired is also critical. While there is no magic bullet in campaign management hybrid intelligence can help you unlock constant CAC performance improvements.

The Hybrid Intelligence Edge

  • Maximise ROI through intelligent strategies built on nuanced what-if scenario building at scale.
  • Transfer learning from one market to another, with minimal losses in predictive fidelity.
  • Your humans learn from the data insights and your automated systems are guided by your humans.


Whatever data you use to identify and flag problem player behaviour, that identification sets off an expensive process with material regulatory and reputational impact. Using Hybrid Intelligence at the foundation of your responsible systems gives you an opportunity to do better, for less and with more confidence

The Hybrid Intelligence Edge

  • Early intervention flagging with indicators and insights based on the individual player.
  • Every step and decision point you determine to be material can be audit logged at a level of detail that means you can respond to regulator enquires and reports at the press of a button, justifying both action and inaction.
  • Constantly informed by actionable data insights you can align and adjust flagging criteria and intervention actions based on evolving player, environmental and business needs.


Made better with lower false positives, risk-based workflows, transparency and better predictive performance.

Fraud detection is an essential function in gaming, and applications built on the Hybrid Intelligence framework are bringing significant advancements to this area. These applications enhance predictive performance, provide real-time insights and explanations, and allow for more informed and effective fraud detection.

The Hybrid Intelligence Edge

  • Protect your platform from current and emerging threats by understanding evolving patterns.
  • Minimise human effort by reducing false positives and by leveraging detailed, easily-understood explanations when de-automating.
  • Align seamlessly with regulations, using audit logs to evidence compliance.


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