Enhancing AI Applications with Auditable Hybrid Intelligence


Unleash the power of auditable AI with Hybrid Intelligence:

  • Detailed Audit Records: Ensures transparency and accountability in AI decision-making.
  • Tamper-proof System: Enhances the integrity of audit records, aiding regulatory compliance.
  • Continuous Learning: Facilitates the analysis of past decisions for ongoing improvement.
  • Extensive Applicability: Provides value across all sectors, promoting trust in AI systems.

The lack of auditability in most performant AI systems presents significant challenges, particularly in environments that demand transparency, accountability, and compliance. Hybrid Intelligence addresses these issues, providing an inherently auditable AI system that enhances value across diverse applications and use cases.

Each prediction generated by a Hybrid Intelligence model is accompanied by a comprehensive explanation, serving as an inherent audit record. These records trace the decision-making process in step by step detail, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Moreover, the audit records are fortified with hashing techniques, creating unique verification codes or digital fingerprints for each record. This tamper-proof system enhances the integrity of audit records, aiding in regulatory compliance, risk management and governance.

Auditability allows organizations to analyse past decisions and their underlying explanations, facilitating continuous learning and improvement. It also supports the detection of sub-optimal predictions and areas for process refinement, contributing to fairer and more effective decision-making.

The value of auditability extends to all sectors, from finance, where it aids in risk management and regulatory compliance, to healthcare, where it promotes transparency and trust in AI-driven diagnostic systems.

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