Behavioural Guarantees

Model Behaviour Predictability with Hybrid Intelligence


Key benefits of Hybrid Intelligence in the context of behavioural guarantees include:

  • Enhanced Model Predictability: Real-time visibility into model activation patterns enables accurate prediction of model behaviours.
  • Detection and Intervention: The system promptly detects and addresses deviations from expected behaviours.
  • Decision Space: Offers an opportunity for human oversight and scrutiny, ensuring alignment with behavioural expectations.
  • Fail-safes, Fallbacks, and Guardrails: These mechanisms maintain system stability and robustness, enhancing the reliability of AI applications.

Hybrid Intelligence stands at the forefront of AI evolution, addressing critical challenges in predicting model behaviour and providing robust behavioural guarantees. This advanced framework offers a combination of features that ensure model predictability, real-time detection of deviations, and implementation of fail-safes, fallbacks, and guardrails.

A crucial aspect of Hybrid Intelligence is the provision of activation data, a fundamental layer for monitoring model behaviour. The real-time visibility into which parts of the model are activated for any given query allows for precise identification of anomalous patterns or deviations, supporting proactive interventions to ensure optimal performance.

Moreover, Hybrid Intelligence models can be designed with a “decision space” where programmed human oversight can scrutinize and amend the model’s output before acceptance. This additional layer of scrutiny ensures that the decisions made align with predetermined behavioural expectations, mitigating risks associated with unforeseen model behaviours.

Furthermore, the system allows the implementation of fail-safes, fallbacks, and guardrails based on activation data and other empirical indicators of fitness-for-purpose of a prediction. These mechanisms serve to maintain system stability and robustness, even in the event of unexpected behaviours, thus enhancing the reliability of AI applications across various use cases.

In a world where AI applications are becoming increasingly prevalent, Hybrid Intelligence’s ability to provide behavioural guarantees is a significant advancement, fostering trust and dependability in AI systems.

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