Bias Mitigation

Mitigating Bias: Ensuring Fair and Balanced AI Decision-Making


The key benefits of Hybrid Intelligence in the context of bias mitigation include:

  • Empirical Bias Identification: Hybrid Intelligence provides the tools to identify and measure bias in each prediction.
  • Real-Time Bias Resolution: The IAR workflow allows for immediate action to mitigate identified biases.
  • Decision Space: Offers an opportunity for human oversight and scrutiny, ensuring that decisions are not skewed by inherent biases.
  • Counterfactual Analysis: Allows decision-makers to explore ‘what-if’ scenarios, further exposing and addressing potential biases.

In the world of AI, bias can significantly skew outcomes, leading to unfair or inequitable and often unprofitable decisions. Hybrid Intelligence, however, is designed to address these challenges, providing a robust framework for bias detection, measurement, and mitigation.

A key feature of Hybrid Intelligence is its ability to identify and measure bias in each prediction. It provides attribution values that accurately depict how the model valued each feature, offering a clear view of potential biases influencing the prediction outcome. This level of granularity allows organizations to empirically identify instances of bias, quantify its influence, and take corrective actions.

The ‘decision space’ within the Hybrid Intelligence model allows for an Identify, Assess, and Resolve (IAR) workflow to tackle bias. Once identified, the human designed programmatic workflows can assess the impact of the bias on the prediction and resolve it in real time before the final decision is made. This process ensures that the decisions produced by the system are not skewed by inherent biases.

Hybrid Intelligence also leverages ‘counterfactuals’, or ‘what-if’ scenarios, which can help further expose and address potential biases. By examining alternative outcomes under different conditions, decision-makers can gain insights into potential bias and its implications.

In scenarios where AI bias is a prevalent challenge, Hybrid Intelligence can play a vital role in ensuring fair and balanced decision-making.

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