Regulatory Compliance

Navigating Emerging AI Regulation with Hybrid Intelligence


Embrace Hybrid Intelligence to navigate the challenges of AI regulation:

  • Transparency: Openly observable processes and clear explanations support regulatory compliance.
  • Accountability: Detailed audit records ensure accountability and trust.
  • Enhanced Risk Management: Advanced features for understanding and managing potential risks.
  • Ethical AI Deployment: Testable, verifiable explanations support responsible AI practices.

Emerging AI regulations represent a significant challenge for organizations. To ensure compliance, AI systems must exhibit transparency, accountability, and robust risk management. Hybrid Intelligence provides the answer, addressing these challenges head-on.

Hybrid Intelligence is an inherently transparent and auditable AI framework. The system’s architecture and decision-making processes are openly observable, and the explanations for model outputs are transparently accessible and understandable. This transparency underpins the ability to robustly comply with existing and emerging regulatory requirements.

Detailed audit records, generated concurrently with each prediction, serve as evidence of the reasoning behind every decision. This unique feature ensures full accountability, fostering trust among users and stakeholders, meeting the most stringent regulatory standards.

Risk management is also enhanced with Hybrid Intelligence with advanced features like detailed counterfactual analysis counterfactuals real-time decision workflows to identify, assess and resolve deficient decisions. These capabilities allow organizations to better understand and manage potential risks, aligning with regulatory expectations for risk assessment and mitigation.

Hybrid Intelligence also aids in complying with requirements for ethical AI deployment. By providing testable and verifiable explanations for its outputs, the system supports responsible, ethical AI practices.

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