Risk Management

Empowering Risk Management with Hybrid Intelligence.


Hybrid Intelligence’s features culminate in a powerful risk management tool:

  • Real-time Explanations: Provides unprecedented transparency into AI systems, enabling effective identification and mitigation of risks.
  • Auditability: Delivers detailed, tamper-proof audit records that facilitate regulatory compliance and ethical AI deployment.
  • Activation Data and Counterfactuals: Empowers proactive risk identification and management through effective system monitoring and exploration of alternative outcomes.
  • Broad Applicability: Enhances risk management across all sectors and use cases, overcoming the limitations of traditional AI systems.

At a time when AI is increasingly driving critical decision-making processes, effective risk management is paramount. Hybrid Intelligence offers a suite of features that enhances risk management across diverse applications and use cases, even in environments where traditional AI systems fall short.

Hybrid Intelligence’s unique ability to provide detailed, accurate, verifiable and real-time explanations for its predictions introduces an unprecedented level of transparency into AI systems. This enables organizations to identify, understand, and mitigate risks effectively, all while gaining valuable insights into their decision-making processes.

Hybrid Intelligence empowers organisations to build active fail-safes, fallbacks and guardrails into their real-time decision flows.

The auditability feature of Hybrid Intelligence further bolsters risk management efforts providing the tools to assess and evidence risk mitigation to all stakeholders to the system.

By delivering inherent audit records with each prediction, the system provides a comprehensive, verifiable and tamper-proof trail of decision-making processes. This facilitates regulatory compliance, ethical AI deployment, and robust risk mitigation strategies.

Moreover, the system’s ability to provide activation data and “what-if” scenarios empowers organizations to proactively identify and manage potential risks. Activation data supports the monitoring of system behavior, while counterfactual scenarios allow for the exploration of alternative outcomes, enabling more informed and precise decision-making.

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