What you get with Hybrid Intelligence

The Hybrid Intelligence framework is delivered and accessible as an easy-to-use developer library that includes all the tools needed to develop and deploy fully-fledged Neuro-symbolic AI applications. From data onboarding through to model monitoring, maintenance and MLOps, Hybrid Intelligence is easy to use and easy to integrate.


Hybrid Intelligence is an easier and better way to build AI models and applications and has several advantages over traditional AI methodologies, including:

  • High predictive performance
  • Full explainability
  • Transparent, predictable & auditable models
  • Data & resource efficient model training process (induction)
  • Human knowledge injection
  • Model monitoring, optimization, and retraining tools
  • Better decision making
  • Human in the Loop oversight and control
  • Backwards compatibility with existing deployments
  • Easy to integrate (symbolic interface)


Hybrid Intelligence is built to be easy to use.

  • Available as a developer library that is simple to install and easy to use
  • Models built using Hybrid Intelligence are backwards compatible with both existing ML frameworks and legacy systems.
  • Hybrid Intelligence has been designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing models, packaged using industry standard techniques.
  • Hybrid Intelligence is integrated with MLOps to reduce risk and enable both faster deployment and scalability.
  • Symbolic interface greatly simplifies integration within any system.


The Hybrid Intelligence Framework includes tools for

  • Data Onboarding
  • Data Insights
  • Model Induction
  • Model Evaluation
  • Model Insights
  • Model Deployment & Monitoring
  • Model Optimisation
  • Model Updating and Re-training
  • Human Knowledge Injection
  • Model Querying and Real-time Explanation Extraction
  • Explanation Customisation
  • Explanation Visualization
  • Model and Query Auditing
  • Real-time Decision Workflows
  • System Integration