Our Hybrid Intelligence technology is built by people for people.

Our Story

UMNAI came into being in June 2019 on the foundation of a breakthrough invention that brewed and evolved over many years.

We have always recognised that there’s lots that’s good about AI. We have watched as the adoption of AI has grown exponentially and we feel deeply optimistic about the positive impacts AI can have on our well-being, environment, lifestyles, and prosperity.

We also recognise the current limitations of black-box systems that are fed ever more data and relentlessly consume energy to produce models that humans cannot and should not trust.

There was always going to come a time, where a single invention would push the current paradigm of Artificial Intelligence beyond its current frontier into an incredible new arena of opportunity and choice.

We are proud to have made that invention.

We are excited by the potential of humans working with machines to produce results far better than either could do alone.

We are humbled by the opportunity and responsibility of shepherding a technology that has the power to exponentially improve so much for so many.

We are mindful that ours is an enabling technology and that we need to work with and through a whole eco-system of smart, passionate, and curious people and companies to deliver on the promise of this technology.

We are aware that while we have spent much of the past 3 years bringing a very deep technology from theory into practice, we are first and foremost a business and we must strive every day to bring tangible value to our customers, our partners, our people and our investors.

As we emerged cautiously from stealth mode in late 2021, we have been amazed and grateful for the enthusiastic and active support we have received from those who have had a sneak preview of the technology.

We are thrilled to be working with our first customers to help them re-define their businesses using technology that elevates them so far beyond their competition that they will re-define their categories.

Finally, we invite you to talk to us and explore with us.

Together we can empower a new generation of technology humans can trust and collaborate with to deliver value beyond the current frontier.

We’re always looking for great talent to join our Team!