Explainable AI that impacts society positively in an ethical manner.
Assisting people to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

We are developing the next generation Artificial Intelligence technology that aims to assist, rather than replace people. AI that leaves a positive impact on society while providing efficient solutions for practical business problems. AI that can explain itself and the basis for its decisions, rather than acting as a complete black box that cannot be understood.

The Team

Umnai is based in Europe and North America and consists of experienced entrepreneurs, technology, product, financial and marketing experts. The three co-founders of Umnai are Angelo Dalli, Olga Finkel and Mauro Pirrone.

Angelo Dalli is a serial entrepreneur and well known European super angel investor, who has a Ph.D. in AI from the UK and has been involved in a number of successful business over the last 20 years. Angelo has been involved in more than 4 successful exits, IPOs and investments, programmed his first neural net in 1998 and won the bronze medal at the International Olympiads in Informatics in 1995. Olga Finkel is an entrepreneur and legal expert, who has both law and computer science degrees and has been involved in setting up her own law firm and advised a number of leading high tech companies. Olga brings more than 25 years of experience in law and IT. Mauro Pirrone is an entrepreneur and technology expert, with over 5 years of experience in data science and platform architecture design, and having a degree in AI from Malta. Mauro has been previously involved in a big data analytics company in a similar role. The co-founding team have been working together for over 8 years.

The founders are complimented by a world-class management and engineering team with a wide range of experience on finance, investments, marketing, sales, consultancy, data science, big data, user experience design and operations.

Dr. Olga Finkel Dr. Angelo Dalli Mauro Pirrone

Our Advisors

  • Yorick Wilks Yorick Wilks
  • Noel Sharkey Noel Sharkey
  • Mike Rosner Mike Rosner
  • Matthew Montebello Matthew Montebello
  • Ken Cassar Ken Cassar
  • Adrian Spiteri Adrian Spiteri
  • Keith Galea Keith Galea
  • Brian Fenech Brian Fenech

Technology Advisors

Our management team is complimented by a world-class advisory board. Our advisors are Yorick Wilks, inventor of the first machine translation system and winner of the Loebner Prize (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in AI), Noel Sharkey, chair of the United Nations ICRAC committee and ethical AI expert (and Robot Wars lead judge), Mike Rosner, natural language processing expert and pioneer of the AI industry in Switzerland and Matthew Montebello, agent technology and computer vision expert with extensive experience on AI and education.

Business Advisors

Our business advisory board for different verticals draws together a team of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in their fields. Our advisors are Ken Cassar, a payments and risk management expert and marketing guru, Keith Galea, professional services and business consultancy expert, Brian Fenech, technology expert and Adrian Spiteri, financial and investments expert.

Umnai Consultancy

Umnai Consultancy is our professional services branch of Umnai, a next generation AI solutions company. Umnai Consultancy builds AI driven solutions for different industries using our mature platform and established consultancy process designed to help you come up with effective solutions and add value to your current needs.

Umnai Consultancy Platform

The Umnai Platform is a flexible cloud-based platform that offers a comprehensive toolkit of features that are blended and used together to deliver a complete solution. The platform can run partially in a locally deployed environment and also supports IoT agent deployments for integration with hardware sensors and edge infrastructure. The platform is based on tried-and-tested work that we have acquired from previous companies that the co-founders were involved in and can scale up to handle huge amounts of data and users. We run on Amazon Web Services, use some of Google's Cloud & TensorFlow infrastructure where necessary, with the option to host on Microsoft Azure.

The Consultancy Platform

The platform has been designed with a flexible workflow system that enables us to configure it according to your specific needs without involving a lot of development. Data can be clustered and classified in quasi-real-time and visualised appropriately if necessary. Cohort analysis and advanced content and time based filters are available, together with comparisons of changes & trends over time.

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The platform supports inbuilt natural language processing and solutions for unstructured data processing including integration with social media posts, web data and crawling/scraping, sentiment analysis. We have support for multiple languages, with English being the default language. Data can be fed into the platform in either a scheduled (or one-off) batch upload of data, or as real-time streaming data – i.e. either a large amount of unchanging data or incrementally changing data – or a mix of both.

Umnai also supports hardware sensors and infrastructure IoT streaming via aggregation or edge-like deployment of data collection agents on hardware. Anomaly detection and alerts, together with compliance / governance parameters can be set. Data quality can be monitored according to the type of data involved.

Umnai’s AI models can help predict trends and forecast future data. Deviations and anomalies in forecasted data can also be detected and alerted, arising to pro-active modelling and actions that can save a significant amount of time and money. Once validated, the AI models can update themselves automatically without human intervention, thus getting better as time goes by without needing any further tweaking by developers or data scientists. The AI models get significantly higher accuracy than most human built models, on par with the best accuracy that the best human teams in the world can achieve – at a fraction of the cost and without ever tiring when the model needs to be updated over and over again as time goes by.

Correlation between data sets and exploration of data can be used to gain new insights and offer useful services to users. The platform has been applied in projects in various industries including retail, distribution, digital marketing, social media analytics, infrastructure monitoring, intelligent transport, telecoms, fintech and healthcare.

The Umnai platform’s advantage is that it offers a future proof and flexible foundation for the new AI powered breed of business that will revolutionise the way that companies work and offer services more intelligently and at a cheaper cost and how consumers will use AI in their everyday life. Our cloud-based solution enables you to take advantage of this wave of disruption in a practical manner.

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