Our Hybrid Intelligence technology empowers our partners to create exponentially more value from AI.

“Creating value through an eco-system of partners who leverage their domain expertise to build powerful, intelligent solutions and applications.”


Our Consulting Partners are industry leaders, providing strategic advice, business transformation, IT services, and solution development. They use Hybrid Intelligence to enhance client applications with understanding, explainability, control, and actionability. By overcoming challenges in intelligent automated decision systems, Hybrid Intelligence consulting partners help clients realise more value and differentiate themselves in often crowded markets.


Hybrid Intelligence is an incredibly empowering and enabling toolkit that technology solution providers can use to design and build better solutions for their clients quicker and with less cost. Importantly, it gives providers an incredible opportunity to differentiate themselves, leveraging their domain expertise to create solutions for clients in new arenas of functionality beyond what is possible today. The auditability, risk management and transparency inherent in Hybrid Intelligence cuts sales cycle and project acceptance times.


Hybrid Intelligence works within and enhances the entire AI tech stack by efficiently extracting knowledge and providing explainability, auditability, operational certainty and more. With our Technology and Platform Partners we develop market changing functionality that simplifies the seamless integration of Hybrid Intelligence. Together, we create added value for customers, offer differentiation and value for partners, and ultimately unlock more potential within the AI ecosystem.


Our Solution Partners are incredible Independent Software and AI-infused SaaS application vendors. We support solution partners in imagining, designing, and delivering game-changing value. By adopting Hybrid Intelligence, partners can create immediate value through features like immutable audit records, risk mitigation, compliance management, proprietary decision flows, user-friendly explainability interfaces.


Hybrid Intelligence seamlessly integrates powerful neural networks into an outward-facing symbolic framework, which opens up incredible opportunities for system integrators. This framework allows for the training of predictive models guided by legacy expert system logic, and enables the non-destructive integration of AI-driven decision workflows into legacy environments for quick, low-risk initial integration while maintaining a path for continued development and evolution.

An Introduction to Hybrid Intelligence