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Regulating The Future: Building Trust and Managing Risks in AI for Fintechs

February 1 at 08:30 - 11:30

UMNAI’s Ken Cassar will be on the panel of this Fintech Fringe event, discussing how the regulation of AI will affect Fintechs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of how AI in UK FinTech will be regulated. If you’d like to meet Ken at the event to learn more about building trust and managing risks in AI for Fintechs with UMNAI’s Hybrid Intelligence and Neuro-symbolic AI please contact us.

Check out the full programme and register for the event HERE.

About this event

This Fintech Fringe Forum event is at Rise London and is a breakfast meetup dedicated to sharing insights and advice to how to prepare your fintech to adapt and adhere to new regulations and compliance being applied in AI. Leading industry experts will share insights into the transformative impact of AI in the financial services sector. We will delve into discussions on the ethical implications, evolving regulatory landscapes, and risk mitigation strategies associated with these groundbreaking technologies.

Highlights of the event include:

🎙 KEYNOTE: /Fireside Chat: Ensuring Trust and Managing Risks in AI for UK Fintechs

We’ll be exploring opportunities for integrating AI and its potential to transform business operations, emphasising the importance of trust.

🚀 AI as an Amplifier and Accelerator

We will discuss the role of AI as an amplifier and accelerator in the UK FinTech market, highlighting the significance of data governance for successful implementation.

🌐 Regulators’ Approach(es)

We will examine the shift from reactive to proactive regulatory stances on AI, focusing on risks, ethical concerns, and fair competition between AI-driven FinTech and traditional institutions.

PANEL 1: The Ethical Implications of AI in UK Fintech

🧠 AI in Decision-Making

Examine how AI can enhance decision-making in UK FinTech, emphasising ethical considerations.

🌐 Differentiation in B2B/B2C

Explore distinctions in AI applications for B2B and B2C scenarios, addressing unique challenges and opportunities.

⚖️ Potential AI-Related Benefits and Harms

Understand the concrete impacts of AI in financial services, focusing on areas such as consumer protection, financial crime, competition, stability, and cybersecurity.

🌈 Diversity in AI Applications

Discuss diverse AI applications in the UK financial sector, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in both data sets and applications.

PANEL 2: Strategies for Mitigating Risks in AI

📊 Data Governance for Amplification

Highlight the role of data governance in amplifying AI in UK FinTech and its contribution to risk mitigation.

🕵️ AI System Identification

Provide insights into practical methods for identifying different AI systems within financial services and understanding their unique risks.

⚠️ Identifying Risks in AI Systems

Discuss practical means of identifying and mitigating risks associated with AI systems in the UK financial sector.

🤝 Cross-Industry Collaboration Frameworks

Address how cross-industry collaboration, including FinTech-Crypto partnerships, can strategically benefit all parties involved.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of how AI in UK FinTech will be regulated!


RISE London
41, Luke Street
London, EC2A 4DP United Kingdom