High Frequency Trading

Made better with more accurate forecasting, robust behavioural guarantees, pre-emptive interventions, and robust safety measures.


Hybrid Intelligence in high-frequency trading offers:

  • More Accurate Forecasting Predictions: Enabling traders to make informed, swift decisions.
  • Behavioural Guarantees: Including fail-safes, fallbacks, and guardrails for safer trading.
  • Pre-emptive Intervention: Ensuring minimal disruption during trading and maintaining safe integrity.
  • Assurance of Catastrophe Avoidance: Promoting confidence and diminishing hesitancy.

Hybrid Intelligence has emerged as a game-changer in the high-frequency trading landscape, providing more accurate forecasting predictions and robust behavioural guarantees, thereby fostering confidence and diminishing hesitancy in trading decisions.

At the core of Hybrid Intelligence’s value proposition is its accuracy in forecasting predictions. Systems built on the Hybrid Intelligence framework achieve predictions that are more precise and reliable, improving the quality of and confidence in automated trading decisions.

Behavioural guarantees, another unique feature enabled by Hybrid Intelligence, provide built-in fail-safes, fallbacks, and guardrails, ensuring that trading activities are conducted within defined risk thresholds. These measures prevent catastrophic failures and instill confidence in the system’s robustness.

The pre-emptive intervention mechanisms enabled by Hybrid Intelligence ensures minimal disruption during trading. In case of a detected deviation from expected behaviour, only the affected part of the model is diverted to fallbacks and fail-safes. This selective de-automation ensures that the overall trading process remains largely unaffected while maintaining safe integrity.

By offering assurance of avoidance of catastrophic failures, Hybrid Intelligence displays non-fragility, a key requirement in the world of high-frequency trading. It provides the peace of mind traders need to operate in highly competitive and pressured environment.

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