Suspicious Transaction Reporting

Made better with high predictive accuracy, more efficient investigations, auditability and streamlined compliance processes.


Experience the transformative potential of Hybrid Intelligence in Suspicious Transaction Reporting:

  • Enhanced Predictive Performance: Lower false positives through better real-time insights and explanations.
  • Efficient Investigation: Shorter investigation times thanks to concurrent explanations of flagged transactions.
  • Improved Risk Management: Full auditability and traceability for enhanced governance.
  • Optimized Resource Allocation: Manage risk-based effort, aligning investigation resources with risk assessments.
  • Compliance Evidencing: Detailed audit records for demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Harness the power of Hybrid Intelligence to revolutionize your Suspicious Transaction Reporting. Converting your STR models to Hybrid Intelligence will give you superior predictive performance resulting in fewer false positives. Predictive accuracy is improved through better generalisation and superior data efficiency resulting in more accurate predictions for under-represented segments of your data.  

Thanks to real-time insights and explanations, each flagged transaction comes with a precise explanation, facilitating a faster investigation process and better decision-making.

Hybrid Intelligence enhances risk management and governance by offering unparalleled auditability and full traceability. Every decision and prediction made by the model is fully auditable and traceable, giving you confidence to trust the system’s outputs and reducing the costs associated with cross checking and validation. This unique auditability leads to a higher confidence in your levels of compliance, increasing the security of being able to empirically validate the integrity of your reporting system.

Another key advantage is that Hybrid Intelligence allows you to build risk-based effort management workflows, aligning the investigation efforts with the assessed risks for each flagged transaction. This allows you can optimize your resources and focus on the most significant threats and ensures you’re not wasting resources on low-risk transactions, improving the overall efficiency of your system.

The inherent auditability of Hybrid Intelligence guarantees the ability to evidence compliance. Detailed audit records serve as valuable documentation of the decision-making process, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and governance standards. Immutable audit records are invaluable tools when your compliance is challenged.

Contact us if you have an application that could benefit from UMNAI’s technology or if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Hybrid Intelligence.