AI & Partners Join Hybrid Intelligence Eco-System

AI & Partners, experts in AI regulation and compliance, join UMNAI’s Hybrid Intelligence Eco-System.

AI regulation will be one of the big hot-button topics of 2024 and beyond. Everyone is figuring out what’s appropriate, enough, or too much, and businesses large and small will soon have to navigate a labyrinth of dynamically evolving regulations impacting AI solutions.

Passionate visionaries like AI & Partners are critical to helping businesses transition to effective and confident AI deployment.

AI & Partners have an in-depth and up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging AI regulation frameworks and the tools to help businesses large and small evaluate their compliance with those frameworks efficiently and with confidence.

Hybrid Intelligence is the first high-performance AI framework that is inherently explainable, transparent, and auditable. Businesses who want confidence and certainty in deploying compliant AI solutions will always prefer Hybrid Intelligence as the foundational architecture of their AI solutions.

UMNAI and AI & Partners are partnering to help businesses conceive, design, and deploy AI solutions that are built on inherently sound, ethical, and responsible foundations and outperform black box solutions across all business metrics.

We look forward to working closely with Michael and Sean and their whole team to evangelise and advocate for the design of common sense, transparent, and responsible AI solutions.

As you start 2024, we hope you’re enthusiastic about the potential of AI in your business. We are excited about working with AI & Partners and Hybrid Intelligence by UMNAI to deliver on that potential.

Welcome AI & Partners to the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem; we are proud to call you partners.

Learn more about AI & Partners on their website and LinkedIn.