UMNAI and AiiQ Partner Up to Elevate Financial Services with Advanced Hybrid Intelligence

AiiQ, a UK-based AI transformation consultancy firm that has an intensive knowledge in financial industry and financial technology has joined the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem to help bring certainty and confidence to the compliance-driven world of finance.

UMNAI, a leader in neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence, and AiiQ, a leading UK-based AI transformation consultancy firm with extensive expertise in financial services, are thrilled to announce their new partnership. This collaboration will empower AiiQ to complement their expertise by adding the unique tools of Hybrid Intelligence developed by Umnai to conceive, design, and deliver customer solutions that raise the bar in financial services while ensuring secure usage of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.

A New Era of AI in Finance: Transparent, Understandable, and Powerful

Financial services is an industry where the benefits of AI infused solutions are obvious, yet there is still much hesitancy by many operators in commissioning and deploying AI. The complexity and opacity of traditional AI creates anxiety and insurmountable risks, and impending regulations amplify that uncertainty.

UMNAI’s Hybrid Intelligence is a neuro-symbolic AI framework that uniquely combines the predictive power of neural networks with the clarity and transparency of symbolic reasoning, making AI-driven insights and decisioning not only powerful but also safe, comprehensible and auditable.

AiiQ will shift the frontier of competitive advantage by designing safe, cutting-edge solutions and applying their competence and industry knowledge in vital areas like risk management and trading optimisation strategies. AiiQ, builds on Hybrid Intelligence to deliver insights that are precise yet easily understandable. Together we are enabling a new level of informed decision-making in financial services. The inherent explainability of solutions powered by Hybrid Intelligence ensures that all strategies and recommendations are fully auditable, a crucial aspect in the compliance-driven world of finance.

Boosting ROI through Cost-Effective and Tailored Solutions

In the hands of experts like AiiQ, Hybrid Intelligence enables a staged, risk managed and incremental approach to data driven transformation projects. AiiQ will help customers orchestrate projects that stage the investment into an evolving series of wins. In this way risk remains measurable and controlled, insights are agile, and disruption is minimised.

A Word from Our Teams

Ken Cassar, CEO of UMNAI, noted “We are excited about our partnership with AiiQ. Trading is an obvious area ripe for transformation and disruption through the harvesting of value from data using cutting-edge Hybrid Intelligence solutions. We can’t wait to see how Michael and his team will reshape the business areas their clients operate in. We know AiiQ will help the disruptors disrupt and the incumbents respond or outrun the disruptors.”

“Charbel of AiiQ, comments, “Aligning with UMNAI and their pioneering Hybrid Intelligence technology is a game-changer for us. It perfectly matches our aim to demystify AI for our clients, offering them solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also transparent and trustworthy.


Founded in 2019 and based in London and Malta, UMNAI is revolutionizing artificial intelligence technology. Umnai is pioneering high-performance neuro-symbolic AI based on the scientific breakthroughs of Angelo Dalli.  Hybrid Intelligence is a cutting-edge, explainable AI framework built to transform the way businesses leverage data for decision-making. Hybrid Intelligence advances the development of AI solutions through its unique neuro-symbolic toolkit for training and deploying eXplainable Neural Nets. UMNAI is committed to making AI both accessible and trustworthy, continuing to facilitate game changing disruptors, from healthcare to finance, and empowering organizations to harness the full potential of AI, driving innovation and efficiency across the board.

About Hybrid Intelligence

Hybrid Intelligence is a transformative AI framework that changes the way AI projects are conceived, designed, built, deployed, and consumed. Hybrid Intelligence enables companies to make better decisions by merging sophisticated neural networks with clear, logical symbolic reasoning (Neuro-symbolic AI), bringing an unprecedented level of explainability and transparency to AI-driven decision-making. This unique combination ensures that businesses not only understand AI outputs but can also seamlessly integrate these insights into their decision-making processes. The result is a powerful, data-driven approach enhanced by human judgment, ensuring decisions are aligned with business and regulatory objectives. With Hybrid Intelligence, companies are empowered to navigate the complex challenges of transformative AI with greater confidence, precision, and foresight, leading to smarter, more effective business strategies.

Hybrid Intelligence is available for download as a developer library.

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About AiiQ

AiiQ is a UK-based company specializing in AI transformation consultancy, primarily within the financial sector. Our focus is to assist businesses in safely leveraging AI technologies. With a sound expertise in private wealth management, asset allocation, and trading, AiiQ helps businesses enhance operational efficiency and decision-making through seamless AI integration.