UMNAI Beta Launches Pioneering Hybrid Intelligence Framework

UMNAI announces beta release of Hybrid Intelligence, a fully-fledged framework for developing Neuro-symbolic AI solutions.

UMNAI, a global leader in Neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence (AI), announces the beta launch of its innovative framework, Hybrid Intelligence.

This marks a step-change in the evolution of AI technology, fusing the power of neural networks with human-understandable logic, unlocking a new generation of AI solutions that vault beyond the limitations of current AI. Hybrid Intelligence introduces UMNAI’s Explainable Neural Nets (XNNs), providing a comprehensive framework and simple toolkit to design, train, and integrate Neuro-symbolic AI solutions across any application or use case. This framework revolutionises predictive models and data-driven automation with a comprehensive suite of tools to build solutions that outperform the current best-in-class AI solutions and stay completely aligned with the intentions and requirements of the solutions developers.

Key Features of Hybrid Intelligence:

  • Quick Insight Generation: Dramatically enhance depth of and speed to insights from data, driving better outcomes sooner.
  • Performance Coupled with Explainability: Best-in-class predictive performance without compromising on transparency with real-time explanations for each query.
  • Actionable Insights: Design and build fit-for-purpose solutions, leveraging real-time explanations to make well-informed decisions based on data predictions.
  • Efficiency: Outperform the data, extracting exceptional predictive performance with less data.
  • Auditability: Include verifiable auditability and traceability in your AI solutions for ensuring compliance with regulations and alignment with ethical and governance intentions.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate Hybrid Intelligence with existing technology and interfaces, ensuring smooth deployment whatever your current technology stack.

Why Hybrid Intelligence Matters:

Hybrid Intelligence heralds the emergence of a new ecosystem of powerful data-driven automation with humans in control. It embodies a transformative leap, empowering businesses to build powerful and safe data-driven solutions that leverage human knowledge and wisdom. This is the first AI framework that provides the tools to fully align the power of AI with the intentions of the humans deploying that power.

Ken Cassar, CEO, says, “Hybrid Intelligence breaks through the ceiling of the limitations of current AI technology. We are excited to see how our growing ecosystem of development partners, vendors, consultants, and thought leaders disrupt and redefine what performance and ‘fit-for-purpose’ means in AI. We see a world where we as humans, can stop debating if AI is safe, fair, and aligned and instead just build Hybrid Intelligence solutions that are safe, fair, and aligned.

Experience Hybrid Intelligence Today:

Hybrid Intelligence is now available on limited beta release to innovative AI solution developers, businesses, and thought leaders. To learn more and request beta access, please register here.