UMNAI Partners with EIT Digital to bring Hybrid Intelligence to Community

Through the EIT Digital partnership programme, UMNAI is bringing transparent, trustworthy and explainable AI to the extensive EIT community and leveraging the EIT eco-system to share knowledge and attract talent.

UMNAI, the global leader of Neuro-Symbolic AI, today announced that the company has joined the EIT Digital Community. Through EIT Digital’s pan-European multi-stakeholder ecosystem of top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes, UMNAI is facilitating access to their Hybrid Intelligence & Neuro-Symbolic AI technologies.

The many successful EIT Digital initiatives like Innovation Factory and Venture Program, together with the EIT Community, will provide opportunities for UMNAI to bring their novel trustworthy & explainable AI technologies to digital ventures, products and services.

EIT Digital’s well-known academic and teaching programmes give UMNAI a new channel for sharing our knowledge on AI and for fostering interest in our technologies, while also providing a source of talent for UMNAI’s growing team.

UMNAI’s disruptive Neuro-Symbolic AI forms the foundation of their Hybrid Intelligence Framework, a system that enables the integration of human knowledge with Explainable AI in a collaborative manner. The framework empowers decision workflows that apply intentional reasoning and oversight to ensure fit-for-purpose decisions. In Hybrid Intelligence powered decision workflows, human crafted tests, measurements, and assessments intelligently interrogate each prediction to fully understand it. With awareness and understanding, decisions are programmatically aligned to meet the intentions and obligations of the AI operator.

The power to explain AI and to interrogate predictions individually and in real time creates a paradigm shift in the application of ethical principles to AI. It is now possible to identify, assess and resolve issues like bias and fairness in real time and with certainty. This makes UMNAI’s Neuro-Symbolic AI and Hybrid Intelligence Framework particularly suited to the application of AI in regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, social services, safety-critical and other highly regulated industries.

Contact us if you have an application that could benefit from UMNAI’s technology or if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our Hybrid Intelligence technology and Neuro-Symbolic AI.


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